Free Agents for the New Orleans Pelicans: Point Guard and a Stretch Four

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The readers chose two more potential free agents for the New Orleans Pelicans, a veteran point guard and an under-the-radar power forward.

If you missed the first two “reader’s choice” profiles of potential free agents for the New Orleans Pelicans, you can read them here and here.

With the league on indefinite hiatus and facing a possible cancellation, this is already the strangest NBA season on record.

Things like free agency, the draft and salary cap seem unimportant in the face of a national crisis, but it’s good to step away for a minute and talk some hoops and we’re glad we can provide a brief escape.

With so much in flux, it is difficult to know when free agency will occur or how much money teams will have to spend.

So when looking at possible free agent fits for the New Orleans Pelicans, we are following a set of loose guidelines:

  1. Unrestricted free agents only. There are too many moving parts to know how any of this will play out, but restricted free agency is always tricky.
  2. I’ll try to choose one free agent from the “premium” crop and one from a lower tier. This won’t always be the case, but we’ll try to mix it up.
  3. Money is not an object at this point. The New Orleans Pelicans will likely be capped out if they extend Brandon Ingram and don’t make a trade, but for these purposes, money will be more of an abstract concept.

Barring a trade, the New Orleans Pelicans won’t be doing too much in free agency, but will be looking for a backup point guard and low-cost bigs who can stretch the floor.

We’ve got one of each in this installment: a wily veteran point guard who seems to defy time and an under-the-radar power forward who is putting up big numbers on a bad team.

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