New Orleans Pelicans: Tyrese Maxey Could be the Draft’s Best Scorer

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If the New Orleans Pelicans are looking for additional scoring off their bench, then Tyrese Maxey from Kentucky might be the answer.

The New Orleans Pelicans do not have a lot of glaring needs, which gives them an advantage heading into the 2020 NBA Draft.

However, a lowered salary cap might force teams to draft more for need, as they will have to fill out their rosters with less money to spend.

They could go for a defensive wing, a 3-and-D type who can shoot and guard multiple positions. They might opt for a backup point guard to try and inject some life into the second unit, a defensive center; all options are on the table.

That includes a scorer like Tyrese Maxey from Kentucky.

Maxey is an intriguing prospect, as he can do one thing that all NBA teams are looking for, which is score the basketball.

He had some huge games for Kentucky this season and is one of the players whose draft spot was likely hurt by not getting to appear in March Madness.

He did enough to attract some attention and awards though, as Maxey was voted 2nd Team All-SEC and 1st team SEC All-Freshman.

Maxey can definitely score but the question is whether he’ll be able to overcome some of his other deficiencies as an NBA prospect.

He’s been mocked everywhere from the middle of the lottery to the back part of the first round, so opinions vary on whether Maxey’s game will translate effectively to the next level.

If the New Orleans Pelicans feel they need a boost in bench scoring, then Maxey might be their guy.

Let’s take a look at his strengths, weaknesses and how he might fit as a member of the New Orleans Pelicans next season.

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