Two Players the New Orleans Pelicans Could Sign for the Stretch Run

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The NBA will open a transaction window for all 30 teams, which means the New Orleans Pelicans could get some help for the stretch run.

The New Orleans Pelicans could add a player or two to their roster for the stretch run.

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the NBA will allow all 30 teams to convert two-way players and sign eligible free agents starting on the 22nd of June:

This is an interesting wrinkle to the season, as it will allow the teams not involved in the re-start to audition players for next season, but could also allow a playoff team to add a weapon.

This list of current free agents is not a who’s who of dominant players, but teams could find a hidden gem like the Miami Heat did with Kendrick Nunn last season.

Most teams in the NBA will use this opportunity to play their own two-way players, a chance to see if their time in the G-League paid off.

There are a handful of the 22 teams heading to Orlando that have roster holes that could be filled with their own G-League guys, or any of the eligible free agents still available and ready to play.

There are a few guys that the New Orleans Pelicans could add to their roster that might not be game-changers, but could be low cost options for next season that are worth at least a spot on the bench.

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These players will also get a chance to practice with the team and could provide valuable matchup previews for some of their opponents, especially for the New Orleans Pelicans, who lack the type of physical wings they’ll face in the stretch run before the playoffs.

Here are two players who could help the New Orleans Pelicans in one way or another. One is already on the roster and one is just waiting for a chance.

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