New Orleans Pelicans: 3 Free Agency Options to Scout at NBA Disney

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When the New Orleans Pelicans take the courts at Disney, they will be trying to earn a playoff spot, but will also have an eye towards the future.

This will be the strangest ending an NBA season has ever had, but for the New Orleans Pelicans it offers opportunities.

They not only have a chance to play their way into the postseason, but will get a last look at players who are due to hit free agency in the shortened offseason.

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With far less time to plan for the upcoming draft and free agency, teams are going to have to rely on their scouting personnel to gauge whether a player is a good fit.

While Alvin Gentry and the players will be focused on taking care of business on the court, the scouts will be closely monitoring other teams and their pending free agents.

The New Orleans Pelicans probably won’t have a lot to spend after extending Brandon Ingram, but they will likely have enough to make a small splash in free agency, especially if they allow all of their own free agents to walk.

It’s too early to know what the cap will look like, as it is likely to drop significantly after the NBA lost so much revenue to the China controversy and cancelled games.

Assuming the New Orleans Pelicans have some money to play with in free agency, there are some guys playing in Orlando who will attract their interest.

This will be a chance to see these guys play in a pressure filled environment with a lot on the line, as well as an opportunity to see how they have kept themselves in shape during the hiatus.

There will be a lot going on in Orlando as teams try to stay healthy, win games and scout free agents at the same time.

Here are three guys to keep an eye on.

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