New Orleans Pelicans: Two Offseason Trades for J.J. Redick

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It is possible that the New Orleans Pelicans will look to trade J.J. Redick in the offseason. Here are two trades that make sense for the Pels.

J.J. Redick has been the subject of trade rumors for the New Orleans Pelicans, though the team has made no indication that they plan to move the 36-year-old sharpshooter.

It does make some sense, as Redick will be heading into the final year of his contract, and the Pelicans may want to try and get something in return rather than just let him walk in free agency.

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Of course, there are others (myself included) who would like to see him finish his career in New Orleans, especially if he would be willing to give the Pelicans a discount.

Redick seems to enjoy playing with the young team and specifically signed with them for a chance to play with Zion Williamson and the rest of their ascending core. Redick may decide that staying in New Orleans is worth taking slightly less money, but that is no guarantee.

If the New Orleans Pelicans do decide to shop Redick, there will certainly be takers, as he is still playing at a high level, shooting 45.2 percent from 3-point range on high volume.

In coming up with these theoretical trades, I looked for teams who need to improve their 3-point shooting, had an asset the Pelicans might actually want and the salaries to match.

The New Orleans Pelicans offseason wish list will likely include a backup center, a power forward to compete with Nicolo Melli for minutes, a defensive-minded wing or a backup point guard.

The truth is there are not many teams that fit this criteria. Some like the Lakers, Bucks, Celtics and Thunder would love to add long-range shooting but don’t really have the salaries or assets to match up with the Pelicans in a trade.

The Pelicans will likely not be swayed much by draft picks, as they already have plenty in the chest.

Here are two trades that make some sense for both sides, though each present problems of their own. Redick is not going to be easy to move unless the Pelicans want to take back a lesser player or additional salary.

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