New Orleans Pelicans: A Trade with the Warriors to Land Wiseman

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The New Orleans Pelicans could make a blockbuster trade with the Warriors.

The New Orleans Pelicans will have a lot of options when it comes to the 2020 NBA Draft.

They have four total picks and could use them in any number of ways, including making a trade.

The roster is currently imbalanced with guards and the Pelicans need to get a legitimate rim protector, which is why a trade with the Golden State Warriors makes sense, especially if the Pelicans are high on James Wiseman.

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Golden State has said they’d be shopping their pick, as they will have all of their veterans coming back off injury and are firmly in “win now” mode with the Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green window still open but closing rapidly.

The Warriors don’t necessarily need to add young impact talent and may prefer to trade their pick away for a known commodity that can help them win now.

The Pelicans haven’t tipped their hand about anything this offseason, including the draft or their search for a head coach, but they have the type of assets that the Warriors might want back in any trade for the number two pick.

This offseason is a turning point for the Pelicans, as they are getting a new coach and may decide to shake things up a bit after not making the playoffs this season and playing poorly down the stretch.

How much they want to shake things up is the question. The Pelicans have a couple of veterans in J.J. Redick and Jrue Holiday that would certainly fetch some assets in a trade, but do they want that much change?

Here is a trade the New Orleans Pelicans could make if they decide they want a new look to the roster.

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