New Orleans Pelicans: The Zion for Giannis Trade Could Happen

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Should the New Orleans Pelicans push in all their chips and trade Zion Williamsom for Giannis?

The New Orleans Pelicans are watching the playoffs at home, wondering if their next coach or roster addition is still in the bubble.

Like the rest of us, they are also wondering what in in the world is going on with the Milwaukee Bucks.

The mighty Bucks went into the bubble with the best record in the NBA, a title favorite whose season would be viewed as a failure if they didn’t at least make the NBA Finals.

They may leave the bubble having been swept by the heavy underdog Heat, who have made the once invincible Bucks look average and very beatable.

If the Bucks lose to the Heat as seems likely, there is going to be widespread speculation about shake ups, whether it is the head coach or adding more talent to go with Giannis Antetokounmpo.

The problem the Bucks face is that they won’t have much if any cap space to make a move, and Giannis is heading into the last year of his contract.

If Giannis lets his free agency play out, the entire league will be after him, which is why the Bucks may decide that trading the MVP might be the only move.

If they let Giannis walk for nothing it would be devastating to their franchise, which is why trade rumors involving Giannis are going to be flying this offseason.

There aren’t many teams who have the necessary combination of young talent and draft assets to realistically make a move for Giannis, but the New Orleans Pelicans are one of them.

But would they trade Zion Williamson to get the best player in the league? It’s a fair question.

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