New Orleans Pelicans 2020 NBA Draft: Exploring David Griffin’s History

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Exploring New Orleans Pelicans executive David Griffin’s history in the NBA Draft

When the New Orleans Pelicans announced the hiring of David Griffin in last year’s offseason, I applauded the move. Griffin was coming in fresh off one of the most successful executive stints in the modern NBA, leading the small-market Cleveland Cavaliers to three NBA Finals, winning one.

In many ways that makes him the perfect person for the New Orleans Pelicans, an executive with a history in a small-market and a knack for building around marquee talent. After all, if you ask anyone in the league about David Griffin, they’ll praise him for his basketball mind and personality.

There are areas where David Griffin’s resume is questionable, even if I believe in him too. We recently reviewed some of the transactions he made for the New Orleans Pelicans this season and things got a little rocky after the Anthony Davis and Zion Williamson selection. As the 2020 NBA Draft rolls around, I wanted to investigate Griffin’s history in the draft and why I’m not sure what to what it’ll mean for his future.

This is either the Achilles heel that will hurt Griffin’s tenure in New Orleans or a skill that Griffin hasn’t showcased yet. Let’s take a deeper look at Griffin’s history and try to piece together what the New Orleans Pelicans future holds in this upcoming draft and beyond.

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