New Orleans Pelicans: A Juicy 3-Team Trade for Jrue Holiday

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Could the New Orleans Pelicans get rich flipping Jrue Holiday to a contender?

The New Orleans Pelicans have an interesting combination of young talent, veteran contributors and draft assets to make a big splash in a trade.

But instead of going after a big name, the Pelicans could try to flip one of their players into a package that would make the team better now and give them assets in the future.

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Nearly every title contender is looking for a third player to round out their “Big Three,” and Jrue Holiday is a nice match with several of them.

In fact, any team that is sniffing a title would love to have a guy like Jrue, as he is unselfish, plays elite defense and can be a third option on offense. He also plays and can defend multiple spots, which makes him a nice fit on any good team.

The problem is that not many of these teams have the right combination of talent and picks the New Orleans Pelicans would certainly covet if they were to move on from their franchise leader.

It is going to take a haul to pry Jrue Holiday out of New Orleans, which is why the Pels may have to get a third team involved if they want to maximize their return.

Here is a potential three-team trade that would not only give a contender their third piece, but would improve the Pelicans now and into the future.

This is the type of trade the Pelicans should consider for Holiday, as they are not one player away from joining the elite of the Western Conference.

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