New Orleans Pelicans: Benefits of Adding David West to the Organization

The New Orleans Pelicans can make a smart offseason addition by bringing David West back to the organization

I was listening back to some of the comments that David Griffin and Trajan Langdon have made about the New Orleans Pelicans going forward. One point that both men are preaching is toughness.

The front office duo wants the New Orleans Pelicans to become a hard-working franchise in the near future. That’s why recently we’ve written about toughness a lot in our recent posts about coaches and free agents. If the Pelicans want some toughness, how about they bring David West back to the organization?

For anyone who doesn’t know, David West was drafted by the New Orleans Pelicans with the 18th pick in the legendary 2003 draft. A two-time All-Star during his career, David West was the definition of a tough power forward. Ever since retiring in 2018, teams have been showing interesting in hiring West in some form to no avail. Recently, the Indiana Pacers were pining for his services.

If there is a team that can lure David West back to the game, it’s the New Orleans Pelicans. I think there are many different roles West can fill in the Pelicans organization and he’ll bring toughness to them in any of them. Coming back to where his career started in New Orleans is something I’d like to see.

What David West’s Return looks like for the New Orleans Pelicans

When I start thinking about what roles David West could play in the New Orleans Pelicans organization, I instantly think coaching. Don’t worry, I’m not considering David West for the team’s head coaching vacancy. What I’m thinking is bringing West aboard in a smaller role can lead to massive improvements from the team’s young roster.

My ideal role for David West is seeing him come to the organization as an assistant coach like Tim Duncan did for the Spurs this past season, or as a consultant like Steve Nash’s recent stint with the Golden State Warriors.

I think the benefits of adding West are undeniable and obvious. First, he’ll give toughness and leadership to an organization that needs it. He’ll be another former champion player in the young Pelicans ears who understands who to transition to the NBA and win. After playing for 8 seasons in New Orleans he’ll also bring an understanding of playing for the Pelicans.

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That leads into my second thought, David West sounds like the perfect person to have as Zion Williamson’s mentor.

Zion’s a rare talent who struggles with strength and conditioning. He’s also still learning how to become the face of a franchise. David West can be the perfect person to guide him on that journey for the early in his career. On a team with little veteran presence that’ll be something, Williamson hasn’t had.

The last reason I have for the New Orleans Pelicans bringing David West aboard to their program is his knowledge of modern NBA offense. West was known as the high IQ big man playing in a variety of schematically advanced offenses. With that knowledge, West will be able to teach young Pelicans smart offensive techniques. I’m specifically thinking that West will be valuable in building up a Lonzo Ball-Zion Williamson pick-and-roll.

Whatever happens, this is one of the biggest offseasons in Pelicans history and they’re going to need all the help they can get to leap into contention. Adding David West as a consultant can be a small but valuable move.

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