Pelicans Trade for Myles Turner in Hypothetical Deal: Should they?

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The New Orleans Pelicans trade for Myles Turner in a hypothetical deal, should they do it?

The New Orleans Pelicans have a bounty of young talent, veteran contributors and draft assets, so they are going to be included in every trade rumor out there.

There seems to be particular interest in their back court, as both Jrue Holiday and Lonzo Ball are talented players that have skills other teams covet.

In Jrue Holiday teams see a top-notch defender and facilitator, who would fit perfectly as the third piece on a title contender, while in Lonzo you get an ascending young point guard who is still on a cheap deal and already one of the best passers in the NBA.

The question is are they are fit together?

The results have been mixed, as on paper it appears like the two are a good match. Both are plus-defenders and playmakers, who can defend both guard positions, but the Pelicans fell apart down the stretch, which has some wondering if they would break up their backcourt to better balance the roster.

Our good friends at Hoops Habit suggested a deal that would do just that.

The New Orleans Pelicans get Myles Turner in hypothetical trade.

The Indiana Pacers are in a similar situation with Domantas Sabonis  and Myles Turner, as they play the same position and can be difficult to have on the court at the same time.

Turner’s numbers went down this season, which is why he’s been the subject of trade rumors, including several to the Pelicans.

Here is the hypothetical deal:

Pacers Get
Lonzo Ball
Darius Miller
Pelicans Get
Myles Turner

Initially I recoiled, but this one does have some potential benefits for both teams.

Let’s take a look at why Indiana would or wouldn’t do it and then ask the same questions of the New Orleans Pelicans.

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