New Orleans Pelicans: A Compelling Trade With the New York Knicks

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Putting together a compelling trade between the New Orleans Pelicans and the New York Knicks

With the New Orleans Pelicans deep into a never-ending offseason thanks to COVID-19, there’s not much to do besides speculate. That means we’ve been exploring a ton of potential trades the Pelicans can make this offseason.

For as great as the Pelicans’ talent is, they have obvious roster holes that need filling if the team wants to make a playoff push next season.

To contend with the Western Conference’s heavy hitters, the New Orleans Pelicans need to add a back-up point guard, a defensive-minded wing, a platoon-mate for Jaxson Hayes at the center position.

Trading from an area of depth is an excellent way for the Pelicans’ front office to fill all those holes this offseason. This means J.J. Redick is an easy player for the Pelicans to throw on the trade block.

In a recent piece of mine, I detailed why J.J. Redick is a top-15 3 point shooter in NBA history. His stroke will give him a lot of value to contending teams shopping the market. Outside of contenders though, there’s one team that I believe J.J. Redick is useful for, the New York Knicks.

Before I get into why I believe this, let me lay out the trade for you:

Pelicans Get
Kevin Knox
2021 2nd Rd Pick (via CHA)
Knicks Get
J.J. Redick

This is a simple deal, but one that makes sense for both teams, and here’s why!

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