New Orleans Pelicans: 3 Detroit Pistons to target in free agency, trades

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The New Orleans Pelicans can get low-cost contributors from the Detroit Pistons.

The New Orleans Pelicans aren’t going to have much cap space after they extend Brandon Ingram this offseason.

This means they will have to fill some of their holes with low-cost contributors or make trades to get the guys they need.

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One of the places they should look is in the cellar of the Eastern Conference.

The Detroit Pistons are a rebuilding team that is likely to be involved in a ton of rumors, especially in trades for Derrick Rose and eventually Blake Griffin.

They also have very little talent to build around, so the Pistons are desperate to grab some potential young talent, draft assets or whatever they can to get better.

They will have at least seven free agents, and other than Christian Wood, none of them are likely to be back with the team.

The Pistons also have a couple of decent players who are near the end of their contracts and might be available in low-impact trades that could bolster the New Orleans Pelicans’ overall roster depth and defense.

For the sake of this discussion, we are going to leave out Chrisitan Wood, as he has probably played himself out of the Pelicans’ price range after blowing up when Andre Drummond left.

The Pelicans already had Wood anyway and decided to let him go, a move that proved to be a big mistake, as he would have been a nice bench player for the Pels this season.

But we’ll start with two free agents the Pelicans could target. Both should be cheap and both would fill a need.

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