New Orleans Pelicans: Making sense of a potential Jason Kidd interview

The New Orleans Pelicans might interview Jason Kidd once the NBA Finals are over

In these past few days, we learned that one thing was right about the original reports from the New Orleans Pelicans head coaching search. For those of you that don’t remember, after the team parted ways with Alvin Gentry the first report about a new coach was from Adrian Wojnarowski. In his report, he stated that the initial favorites for the Pelicans opening are Tyronn Lue and Jason Kidd.

If you’re keeping track, that report is half right so far as the Pelicans interviewed Tyronn Lue for the position yesterday. After hearing the news of Lue’s interview, I’m left with one question. Is Jason Kidd up next?

Think about it for a second, who else is being seriously reported for the job? No one. Yes, there are whispers about Mike D’Antoni but so far they’ve amounted to nothing substantial. If I’m speculating, I think that Lue being the only interview so far and the lack of reporting about any other candidate indicates that the Pelicans are sticking to Lue and Kidd as their main targets.

If this is the case I’m a little sick to my stomach. We’re talking about Jason Kidd.  Now I understand that people deserve second chances but Kidd has a storied mean streak that we’ve detailed in the past. Do the Pelicans want a coach who plans front office sieges, gets visibly angry on the sidelines, and carries a domestic violence charge?

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If you’re asking me, bringing Kidd into this organization isn’t holding the roster accountable even if players like him. Hiring Kidd only gives the organization another person to babysit. Now I do like Lue’s candidacy with the team but I think this leads to an issue with David Griffin.

Is David Griffin seriously only considering these two guys when many other coaches are looking for opportunities. I’m talking about great assistants around the league like Wes Unseld Jr., and even a former player like Chauncey Billups who’s looking to take a crack at coaching.

All signs are pointing at the New Orleans Pelicans extending an interview to Kidd once the Finals are over and it should have fans’ heads spinning. If this search comes down to just Lue and Kidd, David Griffin deserves criticism for it, and we all better hope that Lue decides to come to New Orleans.

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