New Orleans Pelicans: Targeting the teams with cap space in trades

The New Orleans Pelicans should look for trades with teams that have cap space.

The New Orleans Pelicans have been involved in a lot of trade speculation already this offseason.

Most of the trades involve sending Jrue Holiday to a contender for a package of players or picks that better fit the Pelicans’ roster and salary cap situation.

The problem with most of these trades is that the Pelicans are forced to take back a contract or combination of contracts in order to make the money work.

Since the main reason for shopping someone like Holiday would be to clear future cap space, there isn’t much point in trading him if the Pels have to take back a bad contract.

That is why they could look to the teams who have the cap space to absorb a big contract so that the Pels wouldn’t have to take back a lot of future money.

They could still get assets for Holiday or JJ Redick, and clear a ton of cap space in the process, which is the ideal situation for the Pelicans.

The New Orleans Pelicans could trade to one of the NBA teams with cap space.

According to the most recent figures, there will be six teams with cap space heading into the offseason.

Atlanta may be the most interesting team on this list, as they have a ton of space to absorb a big contract, have picks and some interesting young players the Pelicans could want in a trade.

The Pelicans could potentially get a compounded return from sending Holiday to Atlanta.

The Knicks are an interesting option, especially in a 3-team trade, as they might look to pick up an asset by taking on a contract no one else wants to help facilitate a trade.

The Pistons likely won’t be looking to take on money, as they are far away from being good and are trying to rebuild through the draft.

Miami, Charlotte and Phoenix are all teams that will try to win next season and have the cap space to take on a big deal like Jrue Holiday’s. There may be some mutual interest with one of them, especially Miami, who would love to add Holiday and has the assets to do it.

The New Orleans Pelicans are in a position to make a big move with one of these teams without taking on big money, which may be the ideal way to deal Jrue Holiday if they decide to move on.