New Orleans Pelicans: How Stan Van Gundy can develop Zion Williamson

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Stan Van Gundy’s history of developing big men can benefit Zion Williamson if the New Orleans Pelicans hire him as the next head coach

By now, we’ve all processed the reports that Stan Van Gundy is a favored candidate for the New Orleans Pelicans‘ head coach opening. To some, that news is disappointed because they hoped the New Orleans Pelicans would hire someone fresh and innovative. To others like me, this news makes me optimistic.

If the Pelicans decide to hire Stan Van Gundy, they know what they’re getting. Van Gundy is a winning coach that’s successful everywhere he coaches. That winning also includes a track record of developing young talents to superstar heights along the way. That information should excite Pelicans fans, especially when thinking about Zion Williamson.

As far as we know, Williamson is the New Orleans Pelicans franchise player. The team selected him number one overall for a reason, and that’s because he’s potentially a generational talent. Yes, Williamson is surrounded by other high potential players, specifically Brandon Ingram, but it’s Williamson who has the most upside.

That’s why this coaching hire is so pivotal for the New Orleans Pelicans. The franchise wants Zion Williamson to reach his potential and they want him to do it in New Orleans. They don’t want to repeat the mistakes made with Anthony Davis.

Stan Van Gundy is the perfect coach to do that thanks to his storied history of developing big men. So, here’s a basketball focused dive into what Van Gundy did to make other bigs successful, and how that can help Zion Williamson.

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