NBA Draft: Top 3 shooting guards for the New Orleans Pelicans

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The New Orleans Pelicans can find impact shooting guards in the NBA Draft.

The New Orleans Pelicans have four picks in the NBA Draft and need to find some impact talent.

With little money to spend in free agency, the Pelicans will have to rely on the draft to fill out their roster.

The only other option is a trade of someone like Jrue Holiday, who is reportedly being shopped by the team. 

Even if the Pels were to trade Holiday, they will still need to find some complementary talent for Zion Williamson and Brandon Ingram if they want to get back to the playoffs.

Shooting guard is definitely not a position of need. The Pels’ roster is already imbalanced with guards, so it is unlikely the Pelicans would take a shooting guard in the draft unless they thought that player was the best left on the board.

They could also choose a combo guard/wing who plays the two but has the length and size to defend multiple spots.

There are several players who fall into this category, though shooting guard is probably the position that is lightest on talent in this draft.

Anthony Edwards is considered the top prospect at the position and won’t be there when the New Orleans Pelicans draft unless they trade up, which means any shooting guard will be in the 2nd tier of talent.

Here are three guys who fit what the Pelicans need. Two of them will be chosen in the first round, while the third is a sleeper the Pelicans could target in the second.

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