New Orleans Pelicans: 3 NCAA Games fans should watch this week

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New Orleans Pelicans fans should take a look at these three NCAA games this week with eyes on the 2021 NBA Draft

Need something to watch when the New Orleans Pelicans aren’t playing this week? How about some more basketball?

That’s right, as I said last week, it’s never too early to start looking ahead to the 2021 NBA Draft, and NCAA games are the perfect way to get a look at some of this year’s top prospects.

So, with that in mind, we came up with three NCAA games happening this week with some prospects that might interest the  New Orleans Pelicans in the draft. Let’s start rolling.

New Orleans Pelicans

Dec 20, 2020; Piscataway, New Jersey, USA; Rutgers Scarlet Knights guard Ron Harper Jr. (24) shoots the ball against the Illinois Fighting Illini during the second half at Rutgers Athletic Center (RAC). Mandatory Credit: Catalina Fragoso-USA TODAY Sports

Match-up #1:  #15 Rutgers vs #23 Michigan State, 1/5 @ 8:00 PM CST

Potential New Orleans Pelicans targets: Ron Harper Jr, Jacob Young, Aaron Henry

The first match-up I have for Pelicans fans is a top-2 duel between 15th ranked Rutgers and 23rd ranked Michigan State. This match-up should intrigue Pelicans fans for the top-flight guard talent that it features.

Mainly, I’m looking at Rutgers’ Ron Harper Jr. and Michigan State’s Aaron Henry. Starting with Ron Harper Jr, he’s the son of the 5-time champion point guard, Ron Harper, and plays just like his father. Haper is gritty and has a strong two-way game. He can defend and attack the basket, while playmaking to a degree.

Sure, Harper’s shot needs some work but his versatility to play either guard position at 6’6″ could make him an intriguing option. Especially in Stan Van Gundy’s defense-first system.

Then there’s Aaron Henry, a player who reminds me of Avery Bradley. He’s a two-way shooting guard with 3-and-D upside and some decent athletism. Given how we’ve seen Van Gundy use Bradley he’s another player to have an eye on.

Finally, Rutger’s Jacob Young is a productive guard who’s an older prospect. He’s probably a late-round flier but someone to keep an eye on as a potential rotational piece!

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