New Orleans Pelicans: 3 teams that might trade for J.J. Redick

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The New Orleans Pelicans need to consider making some changes.

The New Orleans Pelicans have started the season 4-7, which is not completely unexpected given that they have a new coach, five new players and had little time to acclimate.

What wasn’t expected is that J.J. Redick would forget how to shoot and the Pelicans bench would be one of the worst in the NBA.

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The Pelicans are second-worst in the league in 3-point percentage, largely because of the cold shooting of Redick, Josh Hart, Nicolo Melli and Lonzo Ball.

With such poor shooting, it’s fair to question whether the Pels should be looking to trade a guy in Redick who has been historically great at shooting from long range.

But right now, his minutes are hurting the Pelicans, and Redick may need a change of scenery to get things right.

Also, the Pelicans are getting absolutely nothing out of their backup bigs, so if they could trade one of their guards to get a forward, wing or center, then they should consider it.

Redick is the most likely to go, as he is in the final year of his deal and has a history of being able to do one thing very well.

Here are three teams who might want to add a veteran shooter.

New Orleans Pelicans: Who would trade for J.J. Redick?

The only teams who are going to trade for Redick right now are ones who are struggling from 3-point range and want to contend.

The Pels will have to find a team that thinks they are headed to the playoffs but needs more shooting, as a bad team is not trading for Redick and most of the good teams already have shooters.

The Houston Rockets

The Rockets have been busy lately, trading James Harden out of the division to the new superteam in Brooklyn.

But that doesn’t mean they aren’t trying to win. The Rockets were able to get a haul of draft picks, so don’t need to tank and they are currently only one game back from the 8th seed.

They are also 24th in 3-point percentage and might want to add another shooter.

Could the Pels pry away Danuel House Jr.? He is currently in the Rockets doghouse and they might want to get rid of him just to have him out of their hair.

House Jr. could play backup minutes behind Brandon Ingram and is a guy who would greatly improve the Pels’ wing defense while giving them more flexibility.

The Pels can offer him a clean slate, and take a chance on a guy with some defensive upside.