New Orleans Pelicans: Pels should trade Lonzo Ball for Lauri Markkanen

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The New Orleans Pelicans need forward depth and some scoring, while the Chicago Bulls need a point guard who can get the ball to their shooters. Could there be a trade for Lonzo Ball?

The New Orleans Pelicans are in a difficult position when it comes to Ball, as he is in the final year of his contract and has not played well thus far.

Part of this is that he has been put in an unfamiliar role in Stan Van Gundy’s offense, one that does not take advantage of any of the things he does well.

The Pels have transformed into a grind-it-out halfcourt team that wants to win with defense (HAHAHAHAH), which has not happened so far but that is the plan.

If this is how they are going to play, then Lonzo Ball is not really necessary, as he is best in the open court and running an offense based on motion and ball movement.

Could the Chicago Bulls give him that chance?

Could the Pelicans pry away a player who better fits their roster and system?

Let’s take a look.

New Orleans Pelicans: Could Pels trade Lonzo Ball for Lauri Markkanen?

The Pelicans would love to put Markkanen next to Zion Williamson and Brandon Ingram.

He is a true stretch-four who is having one of the best years of his career, is only 23-years-old and would fit much better in SVG’s offense.

The Pelicans aren’t going to get him for Lonzo Ball alone, so here is a trade that might work:

Bulls Get
Lonzo Ball
2021 1st Round Pick (LAL)
2022 2nd Round Pick
Pelicans Get
Lauri Markkanen

In this trade, the Bulls get their point guard plus two picks, one of which is a first-rounder from the Lakers.

The Pelicans get back a forward who could give them the additional shot maker they need and could fit well with the team long term.

Who says no?

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