New Orleans Pelicans: A loss to the Kings could mean big changes

Lonzo Ball #2 of the New Orleans Pelicans (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Lonzo Ball #2 of the New Orleans Pelicans (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) /
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The New Orleans Pelicans won two-in-a-row before reverting back to their worst selves against the Houston Rockets.

Just when it looked as though the Pelicans might turn their season around, they drop another game in which they were leading by double-digits.

The New Orleans Pelicans have been largely inconsistent this season, getting a couple of nice wins over good teams but also getting beaten by bad ones.

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Losing to the Rockets is not the end of the world and the Pelicans still have time to get back into the playoff picture this season.

The Pelicans are still only three games out of the 8th seed, so the season is not lost, but if they lose to the Kings? Another bad loss to a bad team may put the wheels in motion.

New Orleans Pelicans: A trade is coming

The trade rumors have already been swirling around Lonzo Ball and J.J. Redick, who will both draw plenty of interest on the trade market.

If they lose to the Kings you can expect those rumors to reach a fever pitch, especially around Redick, who seems the most likely to be traded in the near future.

We knew Redick would be a trade target coming into the season and in hindsight, the Pelicans probably should have traded him in the offseason before he forgot how to shoot.

But the Pelicans can probably still get a project player or a couple of second-round picks for him and at this point, it might be addition by subtraction to have him off the bench because he’s been terrible.

If the New Orleans Pelicans lose to the Kings tonight, you can expect some moves to follow and it is probably happening either way.