This player, not Anthony Davis, is the Pelicans best rebounder of all time

Anthony Davis #23 of the New Orleans Pelicans rebounds (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)
Anthony Davis #23 of the New Orleans Pelicans rebounds (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images) /

It’s hard to argue that Anthony Davis is not the best player in New Orleans Pelicans’ history.

You could probably make a case for Chris Paul, but in the end, Davis holds most of the team records, including for most hated ex-player.

Davis is the top scorer in franchise history, though guys like Zion Williamson and Brandon Ingram are already making their way up the all-time lists.

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But there is one category that I would argue Davis was not the best at, even though he is on top of the all-time list and that is rebounding.

Davis was a fantastic rebounder for the Pelicans who has averaged as many as 12 per game in his time in New Orleans. Davis is 1st on the all-time Pelicans’ list for total rebounds with 4,906, but totals aren’t everything and the Pels had another guy who was better in his time with the team.

New Orleans Pelicans’ best rebounders: Tyson Chandler

Even though Tyson Chandler is not atop the Pels’ list for total rebounds, he was still the best rebounder the Pelicans ever had.

Chandler only played three seasons for the Pelicans (Hornets) between 2006-2009 but was on some of the franchise’s most memorable teams and was a guy who got it done on the boards.

Even though he only played three seasons, Chandler is still 4th on Pels’ all-time list for total rebounds with 2,225.

He is 1st in franchise history in average rebounds per game with 11.3 and his 12.4 per game was the highest in team history and better than any single season for Anthony Davis.

Though it’s unofficial, I’m pretty sure Chandler also leads the team in “alley-oops from Chris Paul” as the two were a deadly lob combo in the pick and roll.

Chandler was one of the most underrated Pelicans of all time, as he did all of the little things, including setting hard screens and pulling down tough rebounds.

I always liked Chandler’s game and he was one of the most important Pelicans (Hornets) from that era.

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